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Your Fitness Journey Begins Here


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Let's kick start your fitness journey by having a FREE CONSULT in person or over the phone to discuss your goals in order to customize a workout program that will best achieve your ambitions.


Next, we can schedule a time to assess your pre-training body measurements to monitor your progress with pinpoint precision.  


Regardless of the training program you choose, I will keep you accountable, make adjustments when needed, provide encouragement, and offer advice or help when asked.  

Online Training

Are you not able to get to my gym for in-person training? NO PROBLEM! I can do everything online. I get results by making everything fool proof and HIGHLY PERSONALIZED. You are given all the tools you will need for success and to monitor your improvements (i.e. body fat and weight scale, body tape measure, etc).


In addition, you will gain access to my exclusive video archive that will walk you through the exercises to ensure safety and optimal results. I will also be available for guidance and questions every step of the way. All that you need to bring is your willpower!


I avoid fad or starvation diets that are harmful to your body and could cause damage to your metabolism. Long term health benefits are those that can be obtained fairly quickly without constantly feeling hungry or hurting your wallet.


  When you select the nutrition plan, I would provide a detailed, research-based, fail-proof meal plan that is EASY TO FOLLOW AND FLEXIBLE. I work with you in coming up with a plan that will allow you to achieve your fitness goals. This typically involves asking you about your food allergies and preferences.


I will be constantly updating your nutrition plan to keep seeing improvements in your physique that you never thought were possible! The best part of this part of the program is that you can easily follow this year round and not consider it as a temporary plan.

What My Clients Say

Sofia C

One-on-One Client 

“I have been training with Jason for 5 months now, and I have been in the best shape of my life! I started out with 20% body fat, and I am currently just under 10% body fat! My nutrition plans allowed me to eat more (including carbs) in order to lose fat and gain lean muscle. And the best part is, I only had to do 2 days of cardio per week! Thanks Jason!”

Mel E

Gym Member

“I’ve been at this gym for a year and a half and prior to I never could find a gym to fit my needs. Always bored just using the treadmill and doing exercises that I thought would help me with fitness but never did. Back to basics is a positive environment with a great mix of classes from HIIT to intense and also kickboxing. Awesome coaches that motivate and push you to your best. Fun and friendly atmosphere to make new friends and workout buddies. I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone!!”

Peter Z

One-on-One Client

“About six months ago, I heard that Back to Basics Fitness had a solid personal training program. Since I’ve been interested in competing in men’s physique, I decided to see what they had to offer. He sold me on his straight-forward approach and the way he said he’d customize my meal and workout plans for a mass [muscle] gain phase. Now, almost 6 months later, I’ve gained 20 lbs of size to my frame while lowering my body fat by about 1.5%. My meal plans are always on point and my workout plans are intense. Jason is someone that pays close attention to detail as he is constantly monitoring my progress to ensure I’m heading in the right direction. I look forward to continuing my progress with him!”

Ready to start your fitness journey? 

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